Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 Feng Shui Flying Star Chart

Chinese New Year is on Monday, January 23, 2012, the year of the Water Dragon!
Overall, this year should be better for most people. However, there will be rebellions and uprisings. While romance is to this fore this year, it is a year of infidelity, even in long-term relationships.
Helpful people are significant in this year. Mentors will provide good support.
This year, the fire element is lacking. Supply this in your home by the color red, candles, or anything that suggests fire. Even keeping lights on for a longer time will help the fire energy.
Avoid the South East as much as you can. Never face this direction.
Below is the 2012 Flying Star Chart.

2012 The Year of the Water Dragon!

The Chinese New Year is about to start, and it's the year of the Water Dragon! This is a great year to build wealth, or to do something very exciting. To the fore will be hostility, but also to the fore will be romance and very helpful mentors. A very exciting year indeed! I will blog in detail on this in the next day.