Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fixing energy works FAST!

The following is taken from Heal Your Home Fix Your Life.
It’s said that if your life has gone bottoms up due to Feng Shui being off the mark in your home, fixing a few little things will get amazingly fast results.
If my books stop selling well, I look around the house, and lo and behold! One of the kids will have left empty soda bottles in the middle of the spare room, or suchlike. Every time! And every time I clean out and smudge the house, the books sell like crazy. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Lots of people can’t afford to have a complete Feng Shui consultation, or even know the year their home was built. They just want something that works, and fast. Energy is important. When the energy in your home is flowing happily, your life too will flow happily. Little blocks in your home reflect as blocks (sometimes not so little!) in your life. The five elements appear as yin (shadow, feminine) or yang (light, masculine), transform into the six energies, and take form as natural aspects of the land. Water and earth are yin, and mountains and sky are yang. When your whole environment is in harmony, there is good energy (called Sheng Chi), but when the energy is out of balance it is negative energy (called Sha Chi), and this is energy to be avoided. Good chi, energy, also means taking care of your environment, and taking care of nature.
The idea is to live in harmony with our environment so that the energy works for us and not against us.
The good thing is, if the energy in your home is what is preventing love and/or money coming to you, then fixing the energy will have very fast results!