Friday, April 22, 2011

Attract Money with Affirmations!

A person's thoughts and feelings create a vibration which attracts the relevant vibration of an object which in turn causes the object to manifest. Thus whatever your mind is intently focused upon, whether good or bad, will eventually come into being, since your thoughts and feelings are attracting it toward you. Whatever situation we are in right now is one we have created through our previous thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings not only influence our actions but send out signals which attract things toward us. There are universal laws and if we follow these laws, things come right for us. Words have power. This has been recognized by many civilizations for centuries. What you say about money is causing it to flow to you OR to flow away from you. Money is spiritual and is also fluid. It can be attracted to us or repelled from us. The thoughts and intents of the heart and the mind need to be aligned so our good can come to us without hindrance. You create your world. You create your world with your words. Here it is on Kindle!

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