Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Chi BATH!!

This is amazing, truly, try it - it really works!! Mix up the following bath salts and put about three big handfuls in your bath. You need sea salt (any salt is fine if you don't have sea salt), and Epsom salts. I put about 1 part or less Epsom salts to 3 parts sea salt. Put in a glass bottle and shake up well. To improve your love life, add dill (it's also good for wealth and health) - the dill you buy in the herbs and spices section of a store is fine. Rose petals are also great for this - get some and add to the mixture. If you want to increase your money (and who doesn't!) put in a small amount of cinnamon. I'm usually fairly heavy handed on the dill, but I only put in a small amount of cinnamon. You can add essentials oils too - just be sure to shake very well. Lavender is wonderful for all sorts of things, and of course smells great. If you feel you need protection, add sandalwood oil and/or lemongrass oil. You can also make a brew by soaking fresh herbs in cold water for about an hour, and straining, then adding that to the bathwater. Rosemary is good for beauty, and also is said to help get a man to do what you want him to do!
If you can have a good soap up in the shower before hopping in the bath, that is even better.
Light some scented candles and meditate or just relax. After your Good Chi bath you will feel amazing.

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